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The best part of my life is moments like these. Continue reading Saturnalia

Southern Music

North Mississippi All Stars is playing the Croc tomorrow night and I feel conflicted. A group that literally played events for my high school peers while I actively avoided them but I still kinda want to go. Much like the rest of Southern music in the 90s, it wasn’t the quality of artist but their fans that detracted from my experience. If I go see a show in Seattle in 2017 what sort of peers will I have? There’s so much good music I left behind in Memphis. I’m haunted with a need for soul that might make me pay $20 for nostalgia purposes alone. Perfect time to be Memphis as Fuck. Continue reading Southern Music


The story is complete. I didn’t find the villain until the very end and surprise, it’s not actually me. Shedding the last of my childhood trappings, I finally shaved my head completely. Fulfilling a 21-year old desire, it brought me right back to the center of the wheel. Less of a fool, I’m sure of the magician inside me. The next few symbolic roles may or may not play into the story but I’m going all the way up to the Tower. Everything after that is just sycophantic fluff. Continue reading Perhaps.

What A Difference

Driving toward the airport at 3am, I’m mildly annoyed. Not that I’m driving, but that I spent my birthday alone. Dave was asleep because of this 3am flight. Dan was throwing a fit about some drunk tease I whispered to him the night before. Matt was available but only to have me come to his place – not what I’m into. If anyone wants to get into my birthday suit-pants they have to do the requisite legwork. Consequently, I stumbled home alone at midnight and watched Project Runway quietly while Dave slept in the other room. Born to lose, I’m used to disappointment during supposedly special occasions. I would have had more fun at work. Continue reading What A Difference

Scott Rosen

“Do you mind if your partner smells bad?” is one of the questions that matched us at 89%. He answered, “Not as important as you may think.” Looking around the condo expertly manicured in a tetris of modern American style, I’m not so convinced. Easy-going isn’t one of his strengths. And yet he seems so relaxed. Perhaps that’s the independent wealth he gained from childhood tragedy. After all, that is why we forgive Batman for spending his wealth on narcissism instead of something useful. Sure, capricious vigilante justice looks like a good idea but do you know how many orphans we can feed with that same budget? Continue reading Scott Rosen


That’s the title to a song if you didn’t know. It doesn’t matter who the artist is because you can’t pull it up on a jukebox. Most of my post titles are titles of something else. I don’t get overt about it because that’s not what I’m doing here. I was reminded last night that I haven’t revisited the point of this blog since starting it in 2014. The subsequent 3 years were littered with highs and lows as I fearlessly embraced a complete life change. I’ve always had a penchant for pursuing my goals relentlessly. After twenty years of using the internet, I finally carved out my own place and started publicly saying things in a blog no one reads. Continue reading Broken


Punk band from Spain. I think I heard it on KEXP but could have easily been WEVL. That’s my entire point with the disparity. WEVL is a volunteer radio station that’s existed in Memphis for over 41 years with absolutely no endorsement or subsidization. People dedicated to music and its history sharing with the public. Having them streaming on the internet is momentous. We could create a library off their content that would bring music lovers to their knees. If only there was funding for that sort of thing in the midSouth.  Seattle is so spoiled.
Continue reading Belgrado

Garden Party

I can hear people having sex. I’m at a party where the idea is to be loose. I can’t be loose. I don’t feel comfortable being myself around a group of people without backup. I know people here but I’m missing a partner in crime. The ability to be completely open only happen with trust. I have learned to trust my gut and follow what feels right. Seemingly nonsensical to an observer, I always act with purpose. I like my intelligence and ability to empathize, despite how sharp it makes me. When feeling insecure I use yoga and music is the perfect stress-reliever. Overall, I’m fairly put together. Why can’t I loosen up my emotions? Continue reading Garden Party

I, You, Demand

I don’t have time to write down the things I want to say but one thing is certain, breaking my heart open has yielded a pinata’s worth of emotions. Echoing the rejection I faced for years in my hometown, the person-I-could-have-been in Seattle summarily rejected me this week. Neither path approves of my life choices. Can’t say I blame them. I’m not a model of responsibility and I don’t live for the objects around me. I gave up security in order to carve a chunk out of this world before I go. In the end all we have is the people who love us. I plan to maximize that number in the time I have left. Continue reading I, You, Demand