You clicked on the Yoga page.

That’s good.  Because I really like yoga.  It’s one of my passions…

most of the time.

The funny thing is, it’s almost like an addiction for me. Yoga makes me feel so good I throw everything I have into it.  And then I hurt myself somehow and I have to pull back and nurse my wounds.  Then, when I feel better, I start all over again.  I’m like that drunk guy at the poker game who keeps buying back in, but only with 20 bucks, so all he can really play is one, maybe two, good hands before he loses it all on another rash bet.

The difference between yoga and the poker game is when my passion brings me back to yoga I’m a little wiser and learn a little more each time.

Yoga is a tool for getting my thoughts in order – so I can put my head on straight.  Sometimes, when I get really busy and try to do too many things I feel like I can’t tell which way is up.  But now, after about 5 years of inconsistent practice, I can assuredly step on a mat just about anywhere and know exactly where I am.

My periods of inconsistency seem to get smaller every time.

Sometimes, I just step on the mat and practice standing.  Thanks to an opportune workshop with Manouso Manos, I can get a 10 minute workout from just by pressing my feet down.  It’s not the kind of exercise that will trim my waist, but it helps my head feel ten times lighter.

Often, after that I feel so energized I do more yoga because it just feels good.  And I’m sure never to miss the last bit where I get to lay still for a while.  Trust me, that’s the hardest part.

So, in an effort to find strength I don’t know I have – I’m going to try my hand at yoga training.  It’s an intensive series of sessions with a mentor-like teacher (and homework).  I will need to open myself up to more vulnerability than ever before.  I’ll also have to ramp up my left brain activity, which I have been sustaining solely on Jeapordy! and Sudoku for the past few weeks.  All that chess I play at The Lamplighter has helped too.

So that’s what this whole section is about.  I’ll periodically share some of the things I am learning on this journey.  If you like yoga too, it might be entertaining.  I think it will be.


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  1. Looking forward to hearing about your yoga adventures here. And i love the image of the woman in the seated pose in front of the cityscape!

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