1.2 Citta Vrtti

yogah cittavrtti nirodhah

Yoga is the cessation of movements in the consciousness ~ BKS Iyengar

Every conversation that starts with “What is yoga” usually unfurls into lofty rhetoric about stilling the mind and finding your center.  Those discussions are usually full of valuable insight.  Unfortunately, they’re generally long-winded and tedious.  I prefer a more candid approach when handling esoteric subjects.  I’d rather concisely say exactly how I feel or what I’ve learned and tackle the what-if’s as they come up.  It’s an extension of living the present.

When I’m in the yoga is when I explore what yoga is.  I witness changes in my body and mind as they happen.  Classes are a treat because my physical body is in the perfect setting.  In a studio with the support of a community I get an chance to catch up with myself.  The movement of my life is on pause for a solid hour and I can sort through the movement in my mind.  It’s like self-service therapy.

In-between classes, I do yoga on-the-go as part of a maintenance routine.  These moments are islands of stillness in a chaotic world.  I take a pose and use the tools in my metaphorical utility belt to still my body.  From there I’m able to ground myself and go forward with more calm and confidence.  For me, that’s yoga.  A refuge of stillness as we continue to spin on the wheel of existence.



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