Into The Deep

Tonight I did my practice during the first hour of Into The Deep, the longest-running ambient music program in the Southeast.

That's pretty relaxed.
That’s pretty relaxed.

I discovered this amazing Monday night phenomenon on WEVL about a year ago.  The host, Allan Bogle, has a voice like plush velvet that somehow maintains a seamless flow from one track to the next.  He’s Midnight Mark on The Boat That Rocked, except with deft ambient concoctions.

Anyway, I don’t typically practice with music on.  This was just an experiment.  I won’t lie, it was nice.  Training wheels for my practice while I learn to get centered in a new place.  I feel at peace and recharged for my day tomorrow.  The mellow vibe has me ready for bed at an inordinately early hour, but that’s part of the magic I guess.

Namaste, Mr. Bogle.

One thought on “Into The Deep

  1. I miss Allan each time I hear the show. He
    was a reliably friendly face in the Memphis chess community.

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