They are here to break in Docs, what else do I have them for? A drawer full of things that I don’t need. Until I do. Forever saving for the chance that something considered waste will someday be gold. It seems to happen all the time. And then make another fortune making fun of it. And then use those fortunes to gain proprietary interest in one of the three major networks controlling how America thinks and make sure IT is the only thing anyone can ever talk about. That’s the dream, right?

Pieces of monsters hanging from walls to memorialize all the tragedy that came before. Someone’s heart heart dedication on a booth wall, another’s sage advice about avoiding crabs on the back of the bathroom door. And three comments. BBS is not dead. All the walls started out clean, a canvas created by one year’s lease and loose attachments to the right people. Some art is only created by layers of hard work, years of effort only to keep the wall looking clean. I prefer a wall that keeps saying something long after I’m not there. Held up by the people keeping romance alive.

The patent office isn’t a place Einstein went to be brilliant. He did it to survive. No one pays you to be smart. In modern America smart seems to work against you. The patent office is a place other people go to be brilliant. Trying like hell to make their singular brilliance be the best – the metaphor is that people who leave that behind are smarter or something. Best is only relative to which floor of the hospital you are on. A 4th floor ICU patient would give anything to be in the most annoying incontinent guy on eight.

Knowing the difference between winning and losing is the only thing separating me from my 20s. Every opportunity I’ve had is as real as the waste of time I am now. Fuck, the Sounders are playing like a bunch of French whores. And that’s coming from a Gunners fan.

Running away from the gunk while scraping together the parts worth keeping. It’s not work for the faint of heart. Getting in is much much harder than getting out, the way nature intended. Knowing what I want makes me the most dangerous creature on earth. Not having the means to accomplish is what drives me toward a completion. Always thinking, something comes after the pregnant pause that you didn’t expect.

What To Expect When You’re Not Expecting.

People will try to make you feel lesser for not having a baby. Do not give in to this premise. If I really am the same species as all of you then you would understand why this hostile environment is not one where procreation is a good idea. As someone inexplicably interested in the betterment of humanity, all of my efforts are directed toward making the world a place that feels safe and welcoming. We should want to eradicate the labyrinths of pretense and neglect. Stop fueling the economic segregation happening right in front of us. I don’t want to have a child that I can teach this to. Preaching ideals and while living a daily life founded on the oppression of working class people. Living aware doesn’t mean becoming a monk. It does mean intent in your choices and transparent use of money to meet daily needs.

I want to see change.


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