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They are here to break in Docs, what else do I have them for? A drawer full of things that I don’t need. Until I do. Forever saving for the chance that something considered waste will someday be gold. It seems to happen all the time. And then make another fortune making fun of it. And then use those fortunes to gain proprietary interest in one of the three major networks controlling how America thinks and make sure IT is the only thing anyone can ever talk about. That’s the dream, right? Continue reading Bandaids

What A Difference

Driving toward the airport at 3am, I’m mildly annoyed. Not that I’m driving, but that I spent my birthday alone. Dave was asleep because of this 3am flight. Dan was throwing a fit about some drunk tease I whispered to him the night before. Matt was available but only to have me come to his place – not what I’m into. If anyone wants to get into my birthday suit-pants they have to do the requisite legwork. Consequently, I stumbled home alone at midnight and watched Project Runway quietly while Dave slept in the other room. Born to lose, I’m used to disappointment during supposedly special occasions. I would have had more fun at work. Continue reading What A Difference

Why Are You Crying?

Oh look, a butterfly. Continue reading Why Are You Crying?

I’m Glad Hillary Didn’t Win

Contrarian by nature, this sentiment probably doesn’t surprise my friends. Just keep in mind, I was against Hillary running back in 2008. I wasn’t swayed by Bernie fever or decide to rally against Trump. I don’t think Hillary Clinton is a good choice for president of the United States. Just as much a criminal as our current president when it comes to shady financial dealings, she got a chance to meddle on the national level back in the 90s and has been stalking the presidency like a ticking crocodile ever since. That’s just the first reason I’m glad she didn’t win, chronologically speaking.
Continue reading I’m Glad Hillary Didn’t Win

Wham, Bam, Thank You Sir.

Driving east, I’m oddly at ease. Bryan is the most honest man I’ve ever met and he’s in his element on a night like this. Confidence soothes my nerves. I have every right be apprehensive. As transformative moments go, this party has potential to make the Top 5. Not that I keep track of that sort of thing. (Puberty, Yoga, Prozac, Storytelling, Driving alone across America – if you do keep track of that sort of thing.) Tonight is a friendly gathering of kinksters at my leather daddy’s house. Four days ago I texted Marten, “If you wanna tie me up Saturday night and make me a party favor for select guests it would make my weekend ;-)”  Continue reading Wham, Bam, Thank You Sir.

Rule #4

Rule number one is Never Go Back and usually the easiest to follow. A rift in any relationship puts a wake between two people. Left to our own devices each party floats away in their own direction. Well, that would be the natural course of things if human egos and emotional dysfunction didn’t get in the way.  We desperately paddle against the tides in an effort to control fate. Strong feelings are even harder to ignore when they are irrational. Not pursuing feelings so tangible I can taste them feels too much like doing nothing. In order to follow Rule #1, I have to stay looking forward even when I rather lose myself in someone’s eyes. Continue reading Rule #4

The Hulkette

I keep my anger in check for the most part. I’m furious with so much of the world, at my own existence, so much of the time I forget it’s there. I don’t feel like Mark Ruffalo really delivered the line to its full potential – I’m always angry. I think it’s why I can walk the streets unmolested almost anywhere. The poor fool that triggers me and unleashes this level of repression might just get his ass killed.  At minimum, gravely wounded.  Continue reading The Hulkette

Pee Pee Dee

Today is my birthday.  I spent the entire morning not speaking to anyone.  After attending PAX and hanging out with my best friend from Memphis all weekend, not talking feels good.  Working on phones at the Space Needle was an exhausting experience for my vocal chords.  Expanding the range of my voice is tough progress.  It requires working even when I’m tired.  Soreness is a fact of life.  I just want to find somewhere I can be in pain for a good reason.  Continue reading Pee Pee Dee

Pot Shoppin’

I had an interview with a recreational cannabis company today.  I believe it went well.  I have no reason to believe I’ll get the job but I don’t think I made a fool of myself.  Small victories.  Continue reading Pot Shoppin’