It’s fall of 2016 and I’ve developed a practice that is legitimately frequent. At least 5 out of every 7 days. At least 10 minutes, usually more. I always start with tadasana > trikonasana. Usually I add ardha chandrasana and parivrtta trikonasana whenever I’m able. If I’m extra energetic it’s time to do the virabhadrasan series. The rest of my practice can vary and depends on what part of me feels needy. Right now, improving vrksasana is my pet project. I have a strong desire for balance.

After that, I do prasarita padottanasana and adho mukha svanasana. Gomukhasana arms and then I’m ready for shoulder stand. I have put my sirsasana on hiatus until I get my neck strength back. I kept tweaking my upper back and decided it’s better to get a stronger practice than push for a specific pose. I usually get at least 3 minutes of sarvanghasana series twice a week. Sometimes more. Halasana too, sometimes for up to 5 minutes.

I usually do seated poses before bed. That’s also when I rest in savasana. Adding an extended meditation in savasana has improved my sleep over the past couple of weeks. I start work next week. I hope to do my standing poses at lunch break and get the rest of my practice in when I get home. But I don’t plan. Chances are I’ll wake up nervous on the first day and do everything before work even starts. Wouldn’t that be lovely?