Trouble Looks Good On You

My name is Ro Chelle and I haven’t been to yoga class in over 2 months.

The definition of yoga as a noun is fairly flexible but what about the verb?  Is doing yoga specific to a sequence?  Is there a minimum amount of time you have to stand on the mat before you’re really doing yoga?  I personally feel that the intention behind the action is more important than the logistics.  But after an extended period of short, punctuated yoga moments I need the class environment.

I want to teach yoga.  I want to share the things I’ve learned with people I like.  When my stress level went through the roof this spring it was my yoga practice that suffered.  I slacked on teacher training material and flaked on repeated plans to attend class.  Now I feel like a starving women, weary from the road.  I know the oasis is there waiting for me.  I just need to drag myself there.

I attended Iyengar classes regularly for many years before now.  That’s why I can get away with a drought like this.  It doesn’t mean I’m immune to the repercussions.  Fortunately, my body gives me multiple red flags before I lose touch with the yoga (noun).

No effort is wasted on the path to enlightenment.

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