My journey with Iyengar yoga is punctuated with various milestones.  There are difficult poses I’ve accomplished or breakthroughs in my personal practice, but for the most part the workshops I’ve attended have the most significant impact.  From a weekend trip to middle TN to intensive sessions with renown scholars, I’ve been blessed with many opportunities to learn new things about yoga.

Workshop weekends usually span 3 days.  A Friday night session where the instructor eases everyone in to the weekend with a sampling of what to expect.  Then Saturday typically has two sessions with a reasonable lunch break in the middle.  Sundays tend to bring everything from the weekend together to really drive home the concepts introduced over the weekend with a 3 or 4 hour session of focused exertion.

After it’s all over I usually feel exhausted, like an empty gas tank.  And just like an empty tank implies, I have covered a lot of ground that weekend.  Sunday night, I sleep like the dead and usually the next morning I wake up with enough energy to  conquer the world.  Or at least get to work on time.  Either way, it’s often a transformative experience so I will strive to record the individual trials here.  It’s important to remember where I come from.

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