Sin Wagon

I fell off the wagon last week.  Despite an inspirational teacher training session and the arrival of my revised 2015 assessment manual, I lost touch with my practice.  I could blame the weather, as the ice stymied any attempt at time management.  In reality, my priorities shifted.  I neglected to cultivate my personal connection to yoga and the resulting discord took control. 

My best friend.
My best friend.

Fortunately, it was during the weekend and I accomplished some good external work.  Today is about getting back to the present.  I’m deliberately doing nothing.  Not even yoga.  I’m sitting still until I can make a move with intention.  Several lengthy asanas would center me faster, but I can’t guarantee my attention span yet.   For example:

The floor is dirty, so I need to sweep up first.  Every time I sweep, I inevitably reorganize at least one pile of residual moving. Gotta get those dust bunnies!  By then, I realize the kitchen and/or bathroom needs cleaning.  I already feel kinda sweaty icky, so might as well.  It’ll only take another few minutes.  And of course, there’s always laundry to be done.  Just a quick shower after that and I’m ready to do yoga!*

Yeah, right.  I know myself well enough to predict all that behavior.  So why do I lie to myself about needing to do all that before I just get on the mat?

yoga joke
I stole this from the internet.

Instead, I’m just not doing any of it until I can focus on what I actually need to get done.  Doing yoga isn’t better than cleaning my apartment.  The two are the same.  Yoga requires a sense of security.  For me, it’s almost impossible to relax in savasana if I can see tumbleweeds of pet hair under the couch.

Stranger_in_a_Strange_Land_CoverSo I’m just being still.  My nerves are pretty frayed and my window of tolerance feels painted shut.  By keeping my body still, I force my mind to calm down.  Eventually, I realize how wound up my body has been.  I have my feet propped up but it took nearly 20 minutes to relax my legs.  Right at this moment, my yoga is mostly internal and I’m typing this as I wait.  I’m prepared to wait for hours.

When I get my head on straight I’ll start to move again.  With intention.  I will complete a mindful sequence.  I’ll get on my mat and get back to the yoga. I don’t have to do anything else today.  Makes for a great day off if you ask me.

Until then, I have my best friend next to me and I’m reading Stranger In A Strange Land.  Let me tell you about my best friend.   She’s so fine and will love me ’til the end.




*This train of thought is brought to you by 2 Seconds in Ro's Mind

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