Nylon Curtain

I have continued the music experiment.  Today it was a Billy Joel B side.  There’s something soothing about background noise that I’ve chosen.  In class, I like the stillness of the silence.  It’s peaceful and feels very safe.  Even if I’m practicing alone in the studio, I don’t mind the silence.

ICPThe silence in my apartment is chaotic, with neighbors and traffic and so many more things filling the silence.  In this new space I feel like music is a happy compromise.  I pretend the singers speak another language so the lyrics become phonetic noises.  I also look at my reflection in the window and then relax my eyes so I can see the the Walgreens across the street.  These are the adjustments I make to stay focused on my body.  And just like straps and walls, these props aide my yoga.

backwardsI stayed up for almost a 20 seconds in full arm balance.  I am attempting the “roll” approach I saw on the internet a few weeks ago.  What I really need is some abdominal work.  I’m really into working my shoulders and back.  I’m a little hooked on backward extensions but I really need to get back into the navasanas for the summer.  Bikini season or something, right?

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