Loyal to a Fault

I’m not sure if I’m valuable but I don’t feel like a charity case. Regardless of parenting, we all face our own abilities at some point. If you live past your 20s and fame is still a concern it’s likely commitment issues. Smelting my identity into not caring what anyone thinks I walk invisible among the living, hiding in plain sight.

The best part about me is the people I know. Almost none of them have a real claim to fame. The collection of unique individuals in my arsenal is deep and can’t be counted on a social media site. Off-the-grid friendships that I can’t replicate going back dozens of years.

Generational signifiers aside, I’m not any more impressed with local fame than high numbers on The Internets. If I haven’t met a person it’s impossible to know if they’ve accomplished anything. What’s at the core of the persona is the only thing that shows true colors. It’s not a wonder people don’t let me in very often.


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