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Poverty Line

Knowing people are just saying most things doesn’t stop my romantic tendency to believe them sometimes. Using empirical evidence I’ve found the line between hopeless and far-fetched. Stretching my goals gives the world just enough contrast to keep me interested. Everyday people can’t conceive how far the human mind goes beyond reality without outward indications. Spending time on the fringe of society alters perspectives. For most people being altered is bad. I decided to embrace the discomfort and see what living lean has to offer. Continue reading Poverty Line

Quintron and Miss Pussycat

Completely worth $12.  Not sure I like the advertising policy of The Stranger. $10 online, $12 in person. Justified by the service charge that makes the online ticket $14.75 after the fact. What about cash covers that go to the talent? It’s a terrible standard to expect your local talent to perform for free. A psychedelic punk rock puppet show combined with appropriately catchy dance music. I met two hard-core fans before the show and their enthusiasm embodied an entire crowd of fans.  The crowd itself was substantial as well. Continue reading Quintron and Miss Pussycat

Breaking Backs

I see them so plainly now, each crack in the sidewalk that tripped me up last year. Walking down the hill, my feet know where to go without thinking anymore. My knees are remarkably healthy at this point. I do have a huge burn on my side, coinciding with emotional pain like a metaphor. One moment of absent-mindedness taking weeks to heal. I can still see the thin line of 2nd degree in the middle. A crusty coin slot big enough for a quarter. Forcing a smile through the pain and doing yoga daily, I have a chance to gain productivity in the face of outright depression. Continue reading Breaking Backs

Slammin’ the D

I’m a naturally nocturnal creature. In the South, avoiding the sun is an understandable trait. In Seattle, it’s not even a challenge. I can go weeks without seeing direct sunlight if I want. Naturally, this led to a clinical deficiency of Vitamin D after my first winter. Every day felt like running through water and I lost the ability to do more than sleep during my time off. Fighting depression is hard enough without the added struggle to sit upright. In my defense, I took supplements for months to no effect. January, I gained a key piece to the puzzle. Vitamin D is only absorbed when taken with a meal. The opposite of what I do when taking pills in the morning. Oops. Continue reading Slammin’ the D


I’ve learned something about the service industry this year. Nothing we can steal makes up for what we give them in service. Modern feudalism. Necessary for the operation but expendable as individuals. A difference in perception separates the owner from the worker. Knowing the difference doesn’t equal liberation. Someone must possess a great sense of direction in order to escape the current ruler. A moral compass helps but money is faster.

Continue reading 86’d

Is it 2 1’s or 2?

Sitting behind a group of friends playing games together. I’m at work and playing a video game. The game is a grind because nothing in my life is easy right now and my mind wandered. Only voices to me, I developed caricatures of the group at my back. The main voice, describing the game seems tall and thin. The others are a various smattering of the Rat Pack mixed with the Lil’ Rascals. I can’t say there’s a huge span of demographic in my images. Most of my visual thoughts occur in grayscale. There’s a smattering of sepia when I’m feeling nostalgic. I’m just not that great of an artist. Continue reading Is it 2 1’s or 2?

NES Classic

As silver linings go, the muted gunmetal gray of an NES Classic is pretty sweet. My gut told me to purchase one when it was available and I did. Also had a great $15 of sushi for lunch. Then I returned a call that shattered my dreams all over the low-pile corporate carpeting. Sigh. At least I got something valuable for my time. Even if I don’t have a TV to play it on. I’ve rigged an old computer monitor to give me video but without the classic video game music it’s not the complete sensory experience I require for a full flashback experience. Continue reading NES Classic

Pee Pee Dee

Today is my birthday.  I spent the entire morning not speaking to anyone.  After attending PAX and hanging out with my best friend from Memphis all weekend, not talking feels good.  Working on phones at the Space Needle was an exhausting experience for my vocal chords.  Expanding the range of my voice is tough progress.  It requires working even when I’m tired.  Soreness is a fact of life.  I just want to find somewhere I can be in pain for a good reason.  Continue reading Pee Pee Dee

Bad Date

I actively Tindered this past week.  The success formula for that app =Boredom + loneliness + No need to lie.  It’s like wandering a giant house party in the metaverse.  Everyone is just an extra on the stage of life but if you’re lucky, sometimes you come across a Featured Extra.  That’s the best way to describe my approach and I’m wildly successful, statistically speaking.

I approach dating like I do chess.  I know how all the pieces move but don’t give much thought to theory.  I used to believe it was about who won the game, seeing as there’s a well-established history of chess competition.  The game itself is so beautiful in its simplicity, making it a great equalizer.  At first, I played to win.  Studying theory and mastering technique, I initially improved my ability at a rapid pace. Learning new things is my sharpest skill.  In dating and chess both, I eventually plateau but never stop loving the game.

Nowadays, I’m a frustrating person to play chess with.  I essentially relearn the game every time I sit down for a match.  I don’t ever expect to win.  I think my record has more stalemates than checkmates in all honesty.  That works really well because it’s not about the score anymore.  If the game is fun, I’m winning.  I go on dates with no expectations.  My parameters for a successful evening adapt to my situation.  Some of my best nights in Seattle were just me and a dead cell phone.  I’m pretty good at making do.

My most recent bad date was a collection of tropes and narcissism.  I took a chance and swiped right on a shirtless guy.  He has nice eyes.  Anyway, he’s cool to meet up right away (red flag) because he’s only in town for the weekend (red flag).  I basically let him know he can come get a drink at my local haunt after I get off work that night.  No pretense, just that’s-where-I’m-gonna-be.  He makes it over there and we sit down for a beer.  He spent the next hour telling me how smart he is and how he can tell I’m very intelligent too.  He mentioned his burden of attractiveness at least twice. (Parade of flags.)

After poking his phone for the better part of the night he mentions he’s supposed to meet another girl in Cap Hill.  Perfect, I’m ready to turn in anyway.  He then goes on to inform me he’d rather keep hanging out with me back at my place.  I tell him I don’t take people home on the first date.  He mutters, “This isn’t a date,” and assures me I’m not his type so he had no intention of making a move for me.  That’s when I laugh.  First, he’d be lucky to get with this.  More importantly, he isn’t listening.  I have no intention of letting him know where I live.  His confusion was complete at this point, “But, why?”  You’re not that impressive, dear.

That wasn’t a bad date for the time spent.  I had a couple drinks and some entertaining conversation.  Ultimately though, he is an egocentric narcissist and way too similar to me.  It’s like looking in a mirror from the past.  Despite his assessment of my physical appearance I’m an attractive, bright person that is used to being the most intelligent person in the room.  Except that I’m not anymore.  I have learned intelligence is a category broader than brain function.  Being smart in all parts of life is my tempered steel.  It’s why the game isn’t about winning anymore, just doing my best.