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Self Reconstruction

When bitten by the bug to clean things up I sometimes take it to the extreme. For example, last week I drop LSD and decide to clean up a pile of clutter in the corner of my front room. Pulling that thread leads to the demolition and subsequent reconstruction of an apartment I moved into 2 years ago.  When the dust settles four hours later, I’m naked and sweaty with dirt stuck to my slick skin like war paint. Everything’s different and all that’s left of the old arrangement is a small pile of detritus in the center of the room. I feel refreshed. Continue reading Self Reconstruction

Boy Orgasm

I just came so hard I need a snack. Ignoring the blood-laden protests of my still pulsating crotch, I swing my legs out of bed and go straight for the fridge. Grapes, lemon yogurt and a chocolate brownie. Veritable buffet by my standards. Oomphing into the computer chair, I debate my media choices. An hour before my bus I could either play a game, watch a show or listen to the radio. Getting ready for work, I’ve never felt more like myself than now. Continue reading Boy Orgasm


Everyone at the bar is a similar version of someone I know. A strange philosophical anthropology where I’ve condensed everything I know about human nature to a few major archetypes, I’m not arrogant enough to think it’s measurable. I ascribe to empathy and the idea that sensitivity extends beyond the frayed nerves you see on my exterior. Feeling someone’s aura is only called intuition when it’s useful. The gut feeling that a person is bad for you doesn’t count if you still sleep with them. That’s called setting a trap and then falling into it. Recognizing bad seeds is a talent. Don’t get it twisted. Continue reading Compartmentalization


The best part of my life is moments like these. Continue reading Saturnalia


The story is complete. I didn’t find the villain until the very end and surprise, it’s not actually me. Shedding the last of my childhood trappings, I finally shaved my head completely. Fulfilling a 21-year old desire, it brought me right back to the center of the wheel. Less of a fool, I’m sure of the magician inside me. The next few symbolic roles may or may not play into the story but I’m going all the way up to the Tower. Everything after that is just sycophantic fluff. Continue reading Perhaps.


Everyone’s excited about the mostly full solar eclipse tomorrow morning. I might wake up early enough to see it. I watched one in grade school that I remember vividly so I’m not so eager as some. Astral phenomena are like world records, you only really care about the ones you can clearly witness. The astrological implications of eclipses are more interesting to me. No matter how little someone believes the premise, eclipses clearly affect human behavior. Mercury’s also in retrograde, tigers and bears oh my. Continue reading Eclipses

Sharknado 5

The moral of the story is all people are terrible. Five movies about radioactive sharks trying to conquer the world and the rag-tag misfits working together to stop them? At least it’s not another remake. We’re at a point in the movie where Geraldo Rivera just picked up the heroes in an airship like mother-fucking Cid from Final Fantasy. It was a short-lived venture, probably a budgetary decision.  Continue reading Sharknado 5


The older I get the more I value friendships. With everyone. It started with people I like but now I value the people I don’t like as much too. Life is short and friendships aren’t always rosy. There’s a lot of shit to shovel around the world and we should all do our part. Makes my next breakdown more bearable when I know I’m not completely alone. I put too much emphasis on partnership in my 20s. The opposite end of that pendulum swing isn’t polyamory, it’s community. Thankfully, I’ve found one here in Seattle. Continue reading Survivor


I have no less than 6 drafts I’ve started within the last 2 weeks. My mind got ahead of my schedule for a while. I tend to lay ’em in clutches. It’s the best way to get one or two turtles back in the ocean. Tonight I escape my writer’s block playing with a camera and interesting lighting. There’s also music at my work and that’s worth taking pictures of for at least a moment. Continue reading Cheese